The Oregon Trail a Wyoming Cultural Geology

The Oregon Trail a Wyoming Cultural Geology NHTIC Announces “Wyoming: Wild and Wooly” The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center announces plans for an afternoon of special events commemorating Wyoming’s sheep ranching history. Wyoming has a long and rich agricultural heritage that dates back to the emigrant trail days. This heritage is Read More

Uranium A Common Mineral in Wyoming

Pumpkin Buttes and Uranium Fever, Wyoming’s Cultural Geology Guide when 1951 Prospectors Arrived Uranium Deposits in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming Pumpkin Buttes are located in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. They contain uranium created from the ash of volcanic eruptions some 50 million years ago. This is Read More

Special Interest Groups Attack Solar

Koch Brothers + 11 Other Special Interest Groups Attack Solar and Wind Power Generation The Koch brothers, Duke Energy and Arizona Public Service are among 12 special interest groups waging aggressive anti-solar campaigns across the country, often coordinated and behind the scenes, a new Environment America Research and Policy Center report said today. Read More

International Links to Workers Self DIrected Enterprises

Links for International Websites of Workers Self Directed Enterprises INTERNATIONAL LINKS   .coop. Register for .coop domain name International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). ICA is an independent, non-governmental association which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide International Health Co-operative Association International umbrella organization for health co-operatives – associated with ICA ICA Read More

Using Parchment Paper in Baking

Using Parchment Paper in Baking  Parchment paper … disposable or reusable a few times…solves the 2oth century problem of sticky pans.  Today we have silicon sheets or fabric-like sheets from $4 to $10 if your budget can extend to permanent pan liners.  I find sales often. Lean and wet dough sticks the Read More

Joel Salatin Explains Why This Ain’t Normal!

Joel Salatin Explains Why This Ain’t Normal! Sponsored by Eden Organics What Does Real Food Look Like? Thanks to decades of clever mass marketing campaigns, the average person has become completely disconnected with how our food is grown and also what real food should look like. With the agro-chemical companies chiming Read More

We Are The Reason Behind 6th Mass Extinction

We Are The Reason Behind 6th Mass Extinction If biologists of Stanford University, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, University of California, University of Florida, and Princeton University are to be believed, then the 6th largest mass extinction has already begun and the reason behind it is us HUMANS. What Is Read More

Organic Agriculture can Feed the World’s Hungry

Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World’s Hungry The verdict is in: According to projections released this past fall, the world’s population is expected to hit more than 9.5 billion in 2050, and continue climbing up to 11 billion or more by 2100, if the current trend continues. But as research Read More