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Join Our Food Cooperative in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA   This WordPress  site by Charlie Kay welcomes your sharing ideas, resources, and neighborhood network of active citizens enduring the collapse of an unfettered global capitalist system or inequality.  Listed here are concepts necessary to rebuild our families, neighborhoods, communities and to insure planetary survival itself.

  • Awaken people to an engineered social FINANCIAL CRISIS of historic proportion and danger.
  • Renewal of stable NEIGHBORHOODS and group participation in a network of families.
  • Dismissal of the FEAR TACTICS of our corporate TV overlords, that divide us.
  • Rediscovery of OUR VALUES of family, friends, health, exercise, fairness, kindness, learning, tolerance of others’ values and lifestyles and race, gender and ethnicity.
  • Reject CORPORATE PIRACY and manipulation of our VALUES and LANGUAGE itself.  Know that since 1971 the US DOLLAR has been the global reserve currency and this year 2015 it has been REPLACED by others petroleum exchange currencies.  DISASTER LOOMS.
  • Know that YOU can participate in our Cakebread Cooperative, or form your own community cooperative, based on free information online and here.
  • YOU can learn, develop, lead and inspire your family and friends…because when this happens in your town…and you ask “When will the government rescue us ?”   You can share among members of your own self-governing cooperative, as no rescue will arrive.


Join our food cooperative

Charlie with Col. Sanders a famous food celebrity

Harland Sanders represents my hometown hero of Louisville, Ky and stands is an example of financial success and public recognition.  His personal life, like many sudden celebrities,  was a non-starter.  Business fame alone does not convert into personal and social values we can admire.   His empire was a footnote, unlike today’s Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson with 30 $billion dollars in private wealth.  Colonel Sanders was not part of a global financial-elite takeover. 

Today, in 2015, I present alternative examples of personal values, societal structures and successful methods of surviving the sudden shock of economic collapse.   Unlimited business growth now meets limited planetary resources.  Monetizing common wealth for private gain and shifting losses onto public debt has altered our futures.   Life changes are now accelerating and we are unwilling participants in the decline of civilization.  

Worker cooperatives are the alternative to replace CORPORATIONS as the only possible economic model for future social and economic stability.  In include videos of authors, economists and public intellectuals like Richard D Wolff and Chris Hedges for your education.   My emphasis is on sharing food resources, as a member and founder of a local food cooperative, and my foodservice and culinary teaching career experience now finds an urgent need.  Articles, videos and links are requested by your host, Charlie Kay of Cheyenne.  Email me at  Pull the plug on your electronic hallucination TV or video game…….. and return to a real community with us !  Participate in our future successes as the endgame progresses.

join our food cooperative

Charlie with familiar food celebrity Colonel Harland Sanders


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